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Continuing the colaboration between Nova Etapa and the Angolan General Direction of Costums, Mr. Mafuila Cuntima, pedagogical coordinator of tha institution stayed two weeks with us.

In the end of the Course he received the training Certificate by the hand of the General Director of Nova Etapa.



Mr. Mafuila Cuntima with Ms. Susana Martins, Director of Training, and Antonio Mão de Ferro, General Director of Nova Etapa.



Collaborators from the Angolan General Direction of Customs, came to Nova Etapa in Portugal, to get training concerning the implementation of elearning in their services.

During their visit, they participated in several courses and backstage visits to Nova Etapa. Angolan collaborators also developed ebooks and worked with our interactive games, to understand the way they can empower elearning.

They also have the opportunity to evaluate our training films and to understand how we develop and explore them.

Because we’re talking about elearning, this project doesn´t stop here, and participants still have the opportunity to test the developed materials while consolidating their knowledge.

Work was intense, but we still had time for a picture to recall later.

alfândegas angola

alfândegas angola2

Trainers of Huambo and Bailundo also have Training in Nova Etapa

alfândegas angola3

alfândegas angola4

A break in Training for a Picture!

During three weeks eleven Angolan Trainers stayed in Portugal, to have training with Nova Etapa.

With the end of the war, Angola is investing on its future and Angolan Human Resources. So, they sent some of their trainers to our national case study Course: “Training of Trainers by Distance/bLearning”.

Nova Etapa is a reference in Training, and is already present in Romania, where we are developing courses and building a trainers portfolio. We have been developing training in english and romanian.

Sucess doesn´t come easy and, beside rellying on excellent trainers, we work hard backstage,  developing pedagogical resources, like films with professional actors, slides, manuals for trainers and trainees and also interactive games.

Alongside coaching, indoor, and outdoor training, Nova Etapa knows that its business environment is continually changing and, more than ever it's important to face change as it happens with new ideas and methods. Bearing that in mind, Nova Etapa is reinforcing its bet in eLearning and bLearning.

In twenty months of existence we have started 162 “Training of Trainers by distance/bLearning" Course, having had the privilege of opening our door to more rhan two thousand persons.

Most participants have superior educational levels, and integrate, not only, some of the biggest companies in the country, but also small and middle companies, and many are self employed.

People who know training market in Portugal, understand why Angolan Trainers are getting training with Nova Etapa. Our bet in seriousness of training, credibility of diplomas and our actions help improve organizations and dignify workers has made us one of the prime names in the portuguese training market.

We're happy to have been chosen and sure that, after this experience, Nova Etapa, will certainly have an important role in training of Angola.


Course of Training of Trainers arrives at Romania


Nova Etapa concluded the 3rd “Training of Trainers” Course in Romania

Training was launched in English, and after the 3rd course was converted to Romanian. Manuals has been translated to Romanian and films subtitled.

Through this Course Nova Etapa intends to create a portfolio of local Trainers to develop future courses.

After the integration of Romania in European Union, Nova Etapa is the first Portuguese training company to operate in this country.

Nova Etapa get homologation
of "Training of Trainers" Course in Romania


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